Daniel in the Lions Den

Acrylic wash on canvas...yes, it's just a start. Stay posted to see the progress.


Finally Done! (See the previous posts for the original sketch and progress of painting)


Noah's Ark...work in Progress

From a previous post, I showed the original sketch and wash when I started this. It is coming along. As you can see I added a different technique. Kinda a cross between Pointalism and Impressionism. I didn't like how "neat" the image was looking. I was trying to make perfect blocks of color and it just wasn't working for me. I like this better. It looks more painterly. I'm still working out the colors. To be continued...

Dog Mural

Examples of the completed dog mural. Over 500 square feet of space!

Mural Phases

This is one of the shorter walls (approx 8 x 10 feet) showing the drawing, background, and then completed piece.


Rural Cityscape

Latest and Greatest...

Acrylic on canvas with stitching around the edges of the buildings, poms as sheep tails and flower centers.

Loveland Art Walk

Pictures of studio during Loveland's gallery art walk.


Work in Progress

So, now that I have space, I've started a "Noah's Ark" painting. The pictures show phase 1: the sketch. Phase 2: a acrylic wash. The acrylic wash is something my art teacher insisted, was mandatory, for each painting. In school I'd do a pencil sketch and them apply a thick coat of painting right away before he'd see I didn't do an acrylic wash. I just had to break the rules. Now that he isn't telling me to do it, I see the necessity of it. It gives me an idea of what the final will look like so I can change color or composition before applying the final touches. I'll post a picture next week on the progress.

Space to Work!!!

Yipppeee! I'm so excited I have a studio space to work in. It is right below my apartment. It has a nice big window and a fenced in area on the side walk for me to work outside. This is a picture of the studio from the outside. When I get settled inside I'll post more pics.



...and now the Final "bobble-head" picture of the kids. The background is much different from the first draft (see previous post). The client also wanted the bodies to have more detail than the hand drawing, but not too much detail.


Illustration Friday

Ok, so maybe it's Saturday. But I meant to post this yesterday. To stay disciplined I'm trying to follow the illustration topic on Illustration Friday. This week the word is: Baby. My cats are my furry babies. So I drew a picture of my cat (Abby) with a baby bib, scanned it in, and added color in Illustrator.


Bobble-Heads...the new rage?

I thought I'd upload an image of what I'm working on recently. It's just a rough draft. I have a client who requested I do a whimsical drawing with the kids heads as almost bobble-head like. I hand drew it, scanned it, cut the heads out in Photoshop and added them, then I'll add color in illustrator. Now...the secret technique is out.
I like the way it is shaping up. I think I'll try marketing this idea and see where it goes. It can be a fun personalized gift.



Dear Readers,
I am so excited because I came up with an idea to streamline the process from initial client intereaction to creation of product: A Styleguide. I really can't believe I didn't think of this sooner since I worked, and still freelance for, Fibre Craft. I've done styleguides for them (See Exibit A and B). I've seen large corporations styleguides such as Target and WalMart. Why can't little me have one too? Duh.
So, check back for future posts about ideas I've been inspired with to create a styleguide including icons, colors, patters, and fonts. I will still be offering any individualized art for anybody looking for something specific. But I think this will help streamline the process for visually showing people what could be on a birth announcement for instance, or their childs wall, or on a onsie for a baby, etc. Plus, it will help me develop my creativity. Instead of always being an artist for someone else. Hopefully it'll help me find "my style" too.
Creatively yours and still growing,


Life is Good

Here is the final Kurtis Loomis business cards that he chose. Most appropriate for an attorney.

Today is Friday and I was thinking back over the week. I didn't have a client at the beginning of the week and thought I would be spending most of the week catching up on "to do's" i have been putting off. But then a mother called wanting her daughters princess birthday invitations designed right away. In a half an hour of getting off the phone I rushed to meet her. I finished printing and assembling her invitations yesterday and put it in the mail today.

I also hung my individual series of paintings in an restaurant right below my apartment. The owner likes colorful things. So when I saw her newly remodled shop, I though my paintings would go well. I don't expect to sell any, but at least they aren't sitting in my apartment taking up space.

So for thinking I would have a laid back week, things seemed to keep popping up. But can I just say . . . I LOVE what I do. I am so happy I am self-employed. I get to do what I want and what I love most: creating. Then I have the satisfaction of delivering a final product that the client is happy with. I am so lucky. Life is good.


A Business Identity

James has been marketing my graphic skills to attorneys he has been meeting. It has been a great market. It seems to me that most attorneys could use a little creativity with their marketing material.
I'm making it my mission to try and get an attorney to step out of the box by giving them a rather unique option. I'll start by trying to convince my husband first.
Check out this business card design, that I think is pretty much awesome. As cool as Kurtis Loomis is (and actually quite creative himself) well . . . let's just say, it wasn't his final choice.


Cipletti's Tiramisu Poster

Most recent Cipoletti's poster in the series. The next one will be for an Easter buffet. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.


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