Medical Art Pack

I've made a "Medical Art Pack" to send to medical facilities when I get a referral.  Do you know of a doctor, hospital administrator, or therapy center I could send one to?  If not, at least leave some feedback.  Click here to take survey.  It's completely anonymous so you can be brutally honest.

In the video it's hard to see everything in the pack up close.  If you'd like I can mail one to you so you can get a better look.  Let me know your address via email canadahopkins@gmail.com.

Medical Art Pack from Angela Canada Hopkins on Vimeo.

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Despite Herculean Effort, Artists Still Starve

Even now writing that title I cringe.  I don't ever allow myself to say it.  I try to always be positive about my art career even though all odds are against me.  I do it because I love creating.  The money is a side note.

I often visit the blog, MonaLeisahttp://monaleisa.posterous.com/despite-herculean-effort-artists-still-starve.  Leisa Rich (who by the way is a fabulous artist) posted such a great article I wanted to pass it on.  In her post she is discussing:  despite herculean effort, artist still starve.  If your an artist, the article is definitely worth taking a look at.  I wish I had an answer to her question.  I think if I did I'd be holding the key to success for an artist.

Photo from Leisa Rich website.  Do not use without the permission of Leisa Rich.


Can we eat to starve cancer?

Awesome TED talk on eating to crush cancer early on with an antiangiogenesis diet.  Prevention works!  My next grocery shopping trip I'm stocking up on strawberries, red grapes, soy products too.  It's a 20 minute video, but well worth it for the life saving info.


3D Medical Animation - What is Cancer?

I came across this video when researching cancer for my art. It's a good 101 basic visual overview of cancer on a cellular level. Isn't the inner workings of the body cool? No? Well, I guess I find it fascinating. It's a great reminder how everything we do and come into contact with affects us internally, to the very heart of us (a yoga reference). Seriously, even though yoga may be talking about a soul or some sort of other spiritual reference when referring to the heart, I always image my internal self and the good I'm doing for my self by practicing. Ok, I kinda got off on a yoga tangent. So just watch the minute video--It's educational.


Artists Who Inspire

Cancer Cell No. 8, 20 x 24 inches

Renee Phillips who is an author, curator and founder and Director of Manhattan Arts International in New York, NY is writing a book, Artists Who Inspire.  The book is about artists using the creative process as a healing tool.  The author has struggled with personal loss and childhood trauma but she has dealt with her tragedy through art.  Her interest in using art as a healing process led her to write the book.  Read her story and mine too!...in the excerpt on her blog HERE.


It's Official

I am an artist and a yogi.  I'm finally finished and ready to jump into teaching. Check out my new yoga site, www.AngelaHopkinsYoga.com.

Our graduation celebration with my fellow classmates.

...and the whole group.


Parting with Paintings

Yeah!  Of course, I'm happy I sold some paintings.  But I had a really hard time parting with these, more so than any other painting.  Not only are they an emotional piece of me but I'm really invested in the Cancer Cell series.  Plus Cancer Cell No. 2 (the blue one) is the very first painting I did in the series.  So it's gone now--in a crate on the way to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana.  I am confident the paintings, no matter how small, will affect someone positively.  At least that's what I tell myself to feel better about their new home.  


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