I'm in withdraw because I haven't done any art in the last couple weeks.  I've been so consumed with finding boxes, packing, and changing our address for our upcoming move.  Don't loose hope for me, I'll post again soon.  Thanks, as always, for reading and following my blog.

I am still teaching classes.  So if you're a local (Loveland CO area), check out my yoga site and come to a class.  www.AngelaHopkinsYoga.com.

I'm only moving a block and a half from where I currently live but I'll still have the same art studio address, 411 N Cleveland, Loveland CO 80537.


Illustration Friday: Diary

For Illustration Friday's topic I chose a page from my diary instead of illustrating a diary.  This is a journal entry I made about a year after my dad died from cancer.


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 18

DONE!!!  It's been 90 and even 100 degrees the last couple weeks I've been painting.  Then, the day I wanted to finished, it dropped to 70 and rained.  Really!?!  Anyway, I was finally able to finish up.  My part is done.  Now the contractor will give it a final clean and seal it up.  The hazard stickers and number of the transformer have tape over them right now.  I put the title of the painting, "Cancer Cell No." next to where the number for the transformer is.  I'll go back once the contractor is done and the tape has been removed so you can see the final.


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 17

Tomorrow is my last day...for sure!  I've done enough primping.  I'm calling it quits and finishing up.

Today I put a few more green circles on this side.  Put a shadow on the pink-thingys (the mitochondria).

On this side I am making the blue oblongs lighter.  I'm still in the process.


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