The Things They Don't Teach in Art School

I learned about an art world secret today: public art commissions. Hey, create art and get paid for it.  Well it isn't THAT simple.  I'm still not completely sure how the whole process works even after attending a full day of workshops.

I've been writing about taking matters into your own hands by getting your message into your community with art.  Public art is similar, that you get to put your message in the community with the exception of political red tape, more work, and bonus...a paycheck in the end!  Even though it's completely different from the gallery world, I'm going to give it a whirl and see what comes of it.

But a quick question first, Is public art important to you? Why or why not?


Set an Intention

At first I didn't think this was going to be an art related post until I contemplated my "intention for my practice".  I never thought I'd say this...but I've signed up for yoga teacher training.  My "intention for my practice" (as it's commonly referred to in yoga) is to convey a health message with my art using yoga as a tool.  Truthfully, I've found that the mind-body connection is essential to both art and health.  Don't worry, I'm not going to get all metaphysical.  I'm just fired up (been conditioning) and ready to learn more about the human body and how I can illustrate it in my art.  I have a grand vision of teaching yoga followed by an art lesson in my studio someday but we'll see what happens.

Photo by Stenbakken Photography


Canada Hopkins Drawings at Fundraiser

Our friend Andrea was in a serious car accident on Christmas Eve and sustained multiple injuries to her pelvis and upper torso. We're holding the fundraiser to help get her back on her feet...literally and figuratively! $15 gets you three games of bowling and shoes. www.crownlanes.com Half of the proceeds will go directly to Andrea. You can also help by bidding on our silent auction items (including Canada Hopkins drawings) which have been donated by individuals and local businesses. Everyone is welcome. Please bring CASH!! KIDS ARE WELCOME!! Sunday Jan 24, 12-4 PM.
Here's a picture of a drawing I'm donating.


Group Show at Sizzle & Bang Gallery in Denver

Artist Transforms Ugliness
Cell structure is imperceptible to the naked eye, yet, artist Angela Canada Hopkins has found beauty in the microscopic abnormalities of the cell.  Cancer took her father in 2001 and Canada Hopkins therapeutically began to explore colorful fatal structures of the cancer cell.  Ironically, she discovered a bittersweet beauty and was compelled to paint.  Canada Hopkins’ poignant and beautiful portrayal of cancerous cells is truly distinctive – a must see!
Selected works from the Cancerous Art series will be on display at the Sizzle & Bang Gallery “Look In…Look Out” group exhibition, February 5 through March 26, 767 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO, 80204.  Additional artists in the show include, Kenneth Crumley, Maria Lopez, Roger Rapp, Lelija Roy, and Viral.
For additional information about Angela Canada Hopkins visit her website, www.CanadaHopkins.com for a complete biography and resume.


Wear It

Put your message on a t-shirt.  You don't need to rush out and buy a brand-spankin new shirt.  You could reuse a shirt.  Choose any medium you'd like (iron on transfer, fabric markers, or fabric paint). I chose to do a linoleum print.

The process involves carving a plate and leaving a raised positive image.

The surface is inked with a roller and then pressed or burnished on the final surface.

Here's my t-shirt.


Postcard Art

Simply write or draw your message on a post card.  Choose whatever medium you want to communicate your message.  Then anonymously send it to a random person.


Take One Poster

Create a poster like the one I made below (for inspiration) with your message.  Cut the bottom into strips for people to rip off and take with them.  Hang it on a bulletin board, at a coffee shop, or a corner where alot of people walk by.


A Message for the World this New Year

A clean slate, a fresh start, and a new addition to the blog: to provide guerilla art like challenges and creative project ideas.  This is my challenge for myself and for you too.  Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I promise, you can do these creative tasks.  Or maybe you are an experienced artist and need an exercise to jump start your day.  No matter which category you fall into, I will be posting creative challenges or exercises for you to tackle.  Be sure you leave a post in the comments section or a post with a direct link to your blog or website that talks about your experience.

The intent of the creative challenge is to express yourself while also affecting your environment.  Our modern culture is overwhelming with mass communication and advertising.  We are almost forced to tune it all out.  The challenge then becomes how do you reconnect with your environment?  How can you be heard and make your mark?  I believe by empowering yourself to take matters into your own hands.  For me, art is my power, my talent, my passion.  I can affect and alter my environment by making art that is accessible and free to everyone.  It’s not just me, you can do it too, anyone can do it if you care enough about something.

My first challenge to you is to decide what you’d like to communicate to the world.  


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