Cipoletti's Poster

I have been wanting to combine more of the digital and fine art side. Tim, the owner of Cipoletti's, wanted a "retro-george-jettson" style of poster. This project gave me the perfect opportunity to try out mixing digital with a hand drawn look. I drew the characters, scanned them in, and then put the finishing touches on in Illustrator.
I must admit I was a little unsure about the task. I could not envision the final picture in my head. But after much research of the "retro-style" I felt like I had to attempt something. And it just worked. I was really happy with the way it turned out.
I just saw the 2 x 3 foot poster hanging on the wall today. It did look pretty cool (coming from an artist who always critiques oneself harshly).

Fort Collins Coloradoan

I was so excited about the recent coverage in the Coloradoan. It brought interested contacts, lots of exposure and much fame (I'm just kidding about the later part). Really, I'm so thankful for it. But that is enough bragging.
Next time I don't think I'll go for the all black stealth-like look. I was thinking about the color around me and thought I should wear something simple. But instead I look like the floating head and hands.
And yes, that is my apartment. Nothing fancy here . . . but just wait until those New Years resolutions kick in. Resolution #1 network as much as Gary and Tiffany Blackden combined. That should get me off to a good start. :)


Well, I had the best intentions for my blog . . . and now 4 months later I return with new promises to post more often.
Since the summer I have decided to officially register AUNT ANGELA, LLC. I had toyed with the thought initially. But thought I might loose customers by specializing in only children's art. As one wise women advised me, they never were your customers you have to earn them. Since I don't have any kids I think it gives me the energy needed to create for other peoples kids. I keep finding myself doing birth announcements or a painting for a friend, niece, or nephew. Thanks to Tonya for my great Tag Line. I whipped up the logo in an afternoon. I'm not sure an artist can ever be completely satisfied with ones own work. So it might evolve but it helps me get past this start-up phase and move on to the important part . . . clients.


Not a Writer. Just an Artist.

I've avoided these blogs because I'm afraid to write. For fear I will use bad grammar, incorrectly spell something, and just simply sound foolish. Well, I probably will do all the above, but I've gotten over my fear. Mainly because I plan to post more images of art and less words. I am going to be disciplined (something new I'm trying on for size) and post something once a week. Hopefully this new found discipline will keep me motivated to get out of my "artist block" and create new works in an attempt to set myself apart from the other starving artists. So here we go...


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