Loveland Transformation Project: Day 10

It doesn't look like much because I've been putting 3 and even 4 coats of paint down before beginning the shading and highlights.  My painting process (as it usually is) is to lay a flat mid-tone color down.  Then come back in and blend a wash of light and dark tones to make it look 3-D.

I worked on getting the red squigglys done in the 100 degree heat today.  Thank goodness for my umbrella but I was still sweating as much as I drink. 


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 4

Thanks to my landlord I was able to solve my sun stroke problem (I'm exaggerating).  But seriously, the sun has been draining.  I've been exhausted every evening.  Umbrellas are the greatest invention ever.  I'm so glad I found one to borrow.

Finished painting the purple background.  Started the next phase of the design on the background.


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 3

I wasn't liking the way one of the sides (pictured below) was shaping up.  So I did a drive by a few times to see what others see when driving at a different angle.  I realized the shapes that wrap around the side was off -- not the right perspective.  I spent most of the morning re-drawing and re-painting this side.  Ugh.

This project has been WAY more physical than I thought it would be.  I'm doing acrobatics to get paint in the cracks behind the door, around the bottom, and under the lock.  Not to mention being in the sun all day is really draining.  How did I ever survive summers lifeguarding?  I was young.


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 2

About 5 feet or so from where I'm painting is a big drainage ditch that is quite full of water right now.  I'm a little freaked out by the bugs and insects it's attracting.  More than any bug, I'm super afraid of snakes.  So I've been checking the grass around the box before I begin working.  I also found a bee's nest under the lock.  I'd jump in to put a brush stroke of paint down and then jump away.  The other nature highlight today was a mama duck and about 6 babies who made it across all 4 lanes of 287 to the drainage ditch.  Yeah for the duckies.  All this and I managed to get more of the purple background done today.


Loveland Transformation Project: Day 1

I got a late start on the transformer today.  But none the less a start.  I cleaned it, drew the design, and started to paint the purple background.  I'll be posting my progress as I work.  Or you can always drop by (287 in front of the new Walmart North of town).


Public Art: Loveland Transformation Project

Update:  My location has moved.  I'll be painting the transformer North of town at the new Walmart right off of hwy 287.  I want to use the high traffic location to bring awareness to cancer by giving some helpful info.  My first thought was a series of signs that give statistics.  If you have a thought, let me know, I'm looking for ideas.  Wanna sponsor the idea?...let me know about that too.

This year, 51 artists submitted 68 designs to paint a transformer box.  I was 1 of 15 artists to get selected.  I will be painting two cancer cells on opposite sides from one another.  The tentacles of the cells will wrap around the box, meeting on the sides.  I'll be posting more updates as I begin to work...hopefully soon.

Transformer box with design to be painted.

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