Scored a Book Cover!!!

I was contacted by Henry Holt and company in New York to license one of my paintings for the cover of The Abundance: A Novel by Amit Majmudar (http://www.amitmajmudar.com/fiction--the-abundance.html).

Rick Pracher, Art Director at Henry Holt and Company (http://us.macmillan.com/henryholt.aspx), researched artwork for the cover of Abundance: A Novel, he went looking for images that would juxtapose the ideas within the novel.  His research brought him to my paintings.  “I thought the description of the unusual beauty in something so destructive fit harmoniously with the novel,” Pracher remarked.  The novel tells how a grandmother quietly accepts her fate but hopes one last visit from her family can heal a longstanding divide.  The family slowly discovers the healing effect that a fight with cancer can have.  Released on March 5th of this year, sales of the book have been modest, but reviews are very good and “the author loves the jacket,” says Pracher.


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