Work in Progress

So, now that I have space, I've started a "Noah's Ark" painting. The pictures show phase 1: the sketch. Phase 2: a acrylic wash. The acrylic wash is something my art teacher insisted, was mandatory, for each painting. In school I'd do a pencil sketch and them apply a thick coat of painting right away before he'd see I didn't do an acrylic wash. I just had to break the rules. Now that he isn't telling me to do it, I see the necessity of it. It gives me an idea of what the final will look like so I can change color or composition before applying the final touches. I'll post a picture next week on the progress.

Space to Work!!!

Yipppeee! I'm so excited I have a studio space to work in. It is right below my apartment. It has a nice big window and a fenced in area on the side walk for me to work outside. This is a picture of the studio from the outside. When I get settled inside I'll post more pics.



...and now the Final "bobble-head" picture of the kids. The background is much different from the first draft (see previous post). The client also wanted the bodies to have more detail than the hand drawing, but not too much detail.


Illustration Friday

Ok, so maybe it's Saturday. But I meant to post this yesterday. To stay disciplined I'm trying to follow the illustration topic on Illustration Friday. This week the word is: Baby. My cats are my furry babies. So I drew a picture of my cat (Abby) with a baby bib, scanned it in, and added color in Illustrator.


Bobble-Heads...the new rage?

I thought I'd upload an image of what I'm working on recently. It's just a rough draft. I have a client who requested I do a whimsical drawing with the kids heads as almost bobble-head like. I hand drew it, scanned it, cut the heads out in Photoshop and added them, then I'll add color in illustrator. Now...the secret technique is out.
I like the way it is shaping up. I think I'll try marketing this idea and see where it goes. It can be a fun personalized gift.


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