DMNS Interview with ACH

Thanks to curator Nicole at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science who came and video tapped my work.  Hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to work more closely with the museum to help further the relationship between science and art. 

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Mystics & Mourners: Archetypes in Nature & Spirit

I have the pleasure of introducing artist Lauren Curtis who I met on Linked in.  She graciously agreed to be my first guest blogger.  Below is a description of her work with images:

"This is the focus of a body of work I’ve been developing over the last few years. Today’s world brings much tragedy, both natural and man-made. It also presents incredible access to knowledge, but  deep sadness for the world’s losses. We are left to mourn, but also to seek enlightenment. Exploring these issues via my art practice I seek a pathway to inspire thought and communication about the social issues of spirituality and mortality and how they bond with nature.

After studying and embracing Earth-centered spiritual systems and mythologies, as well as traveling to experience other cultures first hand, I’ve developed my own symbols to represent several archetypes that I feel are part of  our human foundation. The Mystic/Hermit represents introspection and our quest for knowledge and growth. The Mourner is someone we will all inevitably become, whether it’s to mourn a loved one or a global tragedy (more and more common today). The Tree of Life depicts all of nature, as well as humanity, and is a symbol found throughout history around the globe. The Tree also represents the highest level of wisdom the Mystic can reach.  I’ve chosen to explore these  ideas  through oil, watercolor and mixed-media paintings.

As a full time artist, I have been working to not only exhibit this series  (part of which was shown in a Summer 2009 solo exhibit at J&J World Headquarters and at Alfa Art Gallery, NJ) but my other paintings and mixed medium series as well.  I have participated in over 90 shows (group, solo & juried) since graduating from Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers) in 1988 and have been exhibiting /selling work throughout the US & abroad.  My art can be found in the collections of several NJ historical organizations including the Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission and in the Joyce Kilmer Library Gallery, as well as in private collections.  My work is represented by galleries in NJ and MA, and I’ve been commissioned to create illustrations for publications, on-line magazines, crafter companies and businesses.  For more information about my artwork, please contact me at forestwalker333@hotmail.com .
Also, please  visit  my websites & blog:  http://www.LaurenCurtisArt.comhttp://www.laurencurtisart.mosaicglobe.com/

I want to thank Angela for the opportunity to post my blog on her beautiful site and please read her guest blog on my Wordpress site as well!

Thank you for reading,

NOTE:  The pieces shown are "The Mourner #1", mixed medium, "Dream of Trees 1", oils and "The Mother's Lament", mixed medium"


Paintings at The Great Frame Up

Location:  The Great Frame Up, 5943 Sky Pond Drive #E130  Loveland, CO 80538


The Pot is Half Full

Angela Canada Hopkins, 1999 (a drawing from college)

I haven't posted anything recently cause I've been paralyzed by indecision.  I've been trying to figure out what interests people most about art.  So duh, why not just ask those of you who are ACTUALLY reading the blog.  What would you like to see via video or read?  Do you want to know more about my working process, learn different techniques for painting, lessons on painting or drawing, a specific topic like inspiration or finding a style, posts about what other artists are doing, news about happenings in the art world?  What specific things about art interest you?


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