Website Update

I made some changes to the website over the weekend. Let me know your thoughts. www.CanadaHopkins.com

It is a website hosted through Artspan. Like other hosted sites, I do have to stay within their template options. But I've been really happy with them. Their tech support has been amazing because they are really fast about getting back to me or just fixing the problem. Even though I haven't chosen to do it (I'm using my website as more of a portfolio), they do have a shopping cart option. Plus they have a "Prints on Demand" feature where on-line shoppers can order prints straight from your website. I've used this company for about 3 years now. One of these days maybe I'll be able to afford one of those fancy-designed just for me websites, but for now, this works just great.


Painting Lesson

A couple weeks ago I gave an art lesson to my friend Tiffany Blackden. I met her at the store and talked about which supplies would be best for her project. Tiffany wanted a fun play-time to experiment with abstract painting. She worked at my studio while I gave her some tips and suggestions as she created. She did absolutely fabulous (see her beautiful art work below). In our short time together she worked on 3 different pieces--a natural. It was SUCH a blast! It has spurred me to do more classes at the studio.


Loveland Art Studio Tour: Proceeds From Art Sales Benefit Poudre Valley Hospital Cancer Center

Written By Beth Buczynski
  This past weekend, the Loveland Art Studio Tour provided a rare opportunity for the public to gain a rare glimpse into the private studios and galleries of over 50 different community artists.
  This year marked the second anniversary of the self-guided event, which allows people to buy directly from local artists while learning the story behind their creations.
  Angela Canada-Hopkins’ “Cancerous Art” was one of the highlights of the tour, and all proceeds from its sale during the Tour will be donated to the ongoing efforts to build the Poudre Valley Hospital Cancer Center in Fort Collins.
  In addition to her interpretations of cancerous cells, Canada-Hopkins displayed messages of prevention, health, encouragement, and hope on the walls of her studio for people to view alongside the art. This combination provided a surprising opening for conversation and connections between complete strangers who have been impacted by this disease.
  “The art had a powerful effect on some people who attended the tour,” Canada-Hopkins said. “One family had recently lost their 17 year-old son and grandson to cancer. They started talking to me about it and we were all in tears by the end of the conversation.”
  Sales of Canada-Hopkins’ prints and art work from the weekend generated $300 for the future Poudre Valley Hospital Cancer Center. 


R Rated for Strong Language

You've been warned, so look away if you can't handle it. Don't read on. Cover the kids eyes 'cause these are strong sentiments.

I'm making preparations for the studio tour. One of those tasks included making postcard prints from my linocut. If your not sure what the heck a linocut is, click on the word. Or click, HERE, to see my previous post on how I made the stamp or relief.

Don't worry, this isn't all I'm going to have to choose from during the tour. I'll have prints of my paintings, the originals, and other fun stuff too.


Loveland Art Studio Tour: Oct. 16 & 17

Last year was such a blast. So many people came through the studio to view art and ask questions. It was a great opportunity to have a dialogue about art. I especially enjoyed talking with the child who were excited about art and it was cool to see their parents supporting them.

This year will be even bigger and better with almost double the amount of artists: over 50 participating. My studio is in Downtown Loveland at, 411 N. Cleveland Ave (in the back of Teraza's Not Just Gyros on the corner of 4th and Cleveland). Map on-line, http://www.lovelandartstudiotour.com/

October 16 & 17, Saturday & Sunday, 10 to 5.

Shots from last year.


2010 Loveland Transformations Project: Video

I know, your probably tired of hearing about the transformer after I blogged on about it this summer. But I just now, finally, got around to the time lapsed video I wanted to put together. Head on over to Vimeo to watch it or watch the smaller version here. http://vimeo.com/15373142

2010 Loveland Transformations Project from Angela Canada Hopkins on Vimeo.
This year 20 artists were selected from a pool of about 65 submissions to "transform" those ugly green boxes around Loveland, CO. If they didn't stand out before, well, now they do with awesome murals. Mine was in the same vein as my fine art paintings: cancer cells. I painted one on either side of the box with tentacle like projections wrapping around the transformer/electrical box.


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