New Painting I Whipped Up

Lighthouse, Holland MI
Acrylic on Canvas

Don't think I've changed my painting style. I created this the other day for a specific exhibit. It wasn't something I wanted to do so I dragged my feet on completing it. So much so that I painted it the day it was due and turned it in by 4:59 PM (a minute before the doors were locked). I'm such a procrastinator! But, none the less, it is a new painting so I'm documenting it.



Just got back from a letterpress workshop at Art Lab. Take a looksie at what I printed.

(Art Lab, in both Fort Collins and Loveland, turns an empty run down store-front into a fun hip art-space. It is not a gallery--it's better.  It's a place for artists' to temporarily create and hang work, also offer workshops/classes).

Photo by: CJ Romberger

Home Decor

We are just starting to get settled since our move over the summer. I wanted to show off the sweet paintings hanging in my entry way by my college friend and artist Alex Halsey. They are oil on canvas paintings.

I really hate hanging my own work in my home. So I'm really excited about continuing to collect other artists' work.

Support artists! Yeah! I'll jump off my soap box now.


Loveland Artsteps 2010: Plein Air

ArtSteps is a collaborative project of the Loveland Museum/Gallery and the Thompson School District.  It brings the community and young artists together to create art outside of a classroom setting.

On a cold and rainy Saturday, September 18, Thompson School District students, local artists, teachers and community volunteers came together at Fairgrounds Park for the “Plein Air” community art project.
Four students from grades 4—12, each from an area school were eligible to participate and applied to be apart of the program. Students were placed into groups where they were mentored by an artist and a teacher. I had the privilege of working with 10 awesome middle school children. Unlike past projects, this was a individual piece of artwork instead of a group piece. Once the art work was complete, a judging panel selected 30 pieces of student artwork to be in a six-week exhibition at the Loveland Museum/Gallery. Some of the students got to take their artwork home at the end of the event. The students chosen for the exhibition will take their work home in November.

To the students, congrats to the artists' that were chosen to be apart of the exhibition at the Museum. If you didn't get selected, don't be discouraged, the museum has a limited amount of space to exhibit art.  The important thing is that you continue to make art. I had so much fun working with each of you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at canadahopkins@gmail.com.

To the volunteers, THANK YOU for your time and efforts.


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