Canada Hopkins Drawings at Fundraiser

Our friend Andrea was in a serious car accident on Christmas Eve and sustained multiple injuries to her pelvis and upper torso. We're holding the fundraiser to help get her back on her feet...literally and figuratively! $15 gets you three games of bowling and shoes. www.crownlanes.com Half of the proceeds will go directly to Andrea. You can also help by bidding on our silent auction items (including Canada Hopkins drawings) which have been donated by individuals and local businesses. Everyone is welcome. Please bring CASH!! KIDS ARE WELCOME!! Sunday Jan 24, 12-4 PM.
Here's a picture of a drawing I'm donating.


  1. I was trying to get this one - turned my back for a moment & it was just gone.

  2. what an awesome idea. you'll have to tell me more about how the fundraiser went!

  3. Meagan, the good news is that it's a print. I sold 1 of 4 and have the other 3 buried somewhere in my studio.
    Rachel, a friend of Andrea's organized the event in Denver. It was fun beating Brad for one game. Ok, he wasn't trying so really that's the only reason I beat him. Seriously, it was a great time and we collected some money for her medical bills. A win-win.



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