Just got back from a letterpress workshop at Art Lab. Take a looksie at what I printed.

(Art Lab, in both Fort Collins and Loveland, turns an empty run down store-front into a fun hip art-space. It is not a gallery--it's better.  It's a place for artists' to temporarily create and hang work, also offer workshops/classes).

Photo by: CJ Romberger


  1. those are really cool. you'll have to tell me about this letter press business.

  2. thanks, it was a fun process. i bet you'd like it.

    to explain--a raised surface is inked and pressed onto a sheet of paper to create the print. to set it up, a reverse image of wood blocks are arranged in a bed or frame. then the machine is inked and used to press the image onto the paper. it's the way posters and newspapers used to be printed before digital printers.



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